A few (hundred) words about awards.

How I wish that instead of starting an agency, I started an award show for other agencies. On the rare occasion that we enter them—we prefer to let customers, clients and the results serve as our collective pat on the back — we are always astounded by the fees. Especially considering the judges are usually volunteers and that you still have to pay to attend the shows. $300 is a hell of a processing fee for, um, uh…actually, I am not sure what it’s for.

Don’t get me wrong winning awards is great, but too often they are won by ads that few agencies have the balls to run (except maybe in some scarcely scene pub) and that are created specifically for awards shows, kind of like Charlize Theron uglying-up for an Oscar. Often, if i see one agency with a ton of entries, I think they must have alot of spare art directors on their hands with free time to prepare the entry packets. We prefer to be busy with client work.

Some awards shows do have value. That said, be on the lookout for our newest brainchild — an awards show for awards! $300 entry fee, cash only.