International CXT

International Truck an Engine had a big marketing problem on their hands. How do you market the International CXT — The world’s largest street-legal pickup truck — to marketers who have seen everything?

Magnetik developed a fully integrated campaign that included HTML email, flash banner ads, high-impact direct mail, and viral Flash microsite.

To illustrate the sheer size of the CXT, and it’s strength as a marketing vehicle, Magnetik produced custom 9′-long folding rulers (the height of the CXT) that showed how much larger the CXT was compared to other popular marketing vehicles — the Mini and even the Hummer.

This big program brought big results. In the first two weeks of the program, Magnetik generated six times more hot leads than the client’s goal. The program was supposed to run for six weeks and ended up staying live for almost two years. Magnetik was also awarded a Davey Award for this program.

View the CXT flash microsite here. (please note viral functionality does not work on this locally-hosted version)