N6A + MAGNETIK. Introducing A New Partnership.

Magnetik was founded to be able to provide our clients with access to best-in-class strategy, creative and production services. As part of that, we’ve been advising clients for years that a comprehensive PR and Communications strategy was essential to the success of modern technology-driven brands.

We’ve worked with many Public Relations and Communications agencies over the years.  But we never felt like we were working with kindred spirits until we started working with the team at North Sixth Agency (N6A). 

That’s why I’m excited to announce our new joint venture — N6A|MAGNETIK. This new partnership allows us to offer our respective clients full access to each other’s knowledge, skills, and services. By incorporating our digital marketing expertise with N6A’s PR and communications knowledge from the outset, we believe clients will see greater ROI, efficiencies, and faster, better outcomes. 

N6A Founder and CEO Matt Rizzetta and team have built a highly successful business focused on achieving real results by combining traditional PR tactics with the latest digital-first content and communications strategies. Their Outcome Relations™ model has redefined the value of modern PR  for brands and marketers. 

Through the projects we have worked on together over the last few months, we discovered that the N6A team has the same hands-on approach our customers have come to trust from Magnetik. This realization showed us the increased value that our combined organizations can offer.

What changes can you expect?

For starters, you can expect no major changes to the day-to-day great service and results you’ve been getting from Magnetik. This is not an acquisition – we’re combining the best our teams have to offer and making them available to our mutual customers and new brands looking for a full-service solution from two leading industry experts. Additionally, you’ll now have access to more strategic advice and services from the N6A team in addition to our own. Whether it’s a comprehensive communications plan to build credibility, or a content strategy and plan to amplify impact of that credibility and generate ROI-driven outcomes, the N6A team has a wide range of services to help.

We look forward to discussing how our new partnership can help supercharge your business. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.


Doug Steinberg

Founder + President